API Reference

borneo Package


AuthorizationProvider AuthorizationProvider is a callback interface used by the driver to obtain an authorization string for a request.
BatchOperationNumberLimitException(message) Cloud service only.
Consistency Set the consistency for read requests.
Durability(master_sync, replica_sync, …) Durability defines the durability characteristics associated with a standalone write (put or update) operation.
DefaultRetryHandler([retries, delay_s]) Default retry handler.
DeleteRequest() Represents the input to a NoSQLHandle.delete() operation.
DeleteResult() Represents the result of a NoSQLHandle.delete() operation.
FieldRange(field_path) FieldRange defines a range of values to be used in a NoSQLHandle.multi_delete() operation, as specified in MultiDeleteRequest.set_range().
GetIndexesRequest() Represents the argument of a NoSQLHandle.get_indexes() operation which returns the information of a specific index or all indexes of the specified table, as returned in GetIndexesResult.
GetIndexesResult() Represents the result of a NoSQLHandle.get_indexes() operation.
GetRequest() Represents the input to a NoSQLHandle.get() operation which returns a single row based on the specified key.
GetResult() Represents the result of a NoSQLHandle.get() operation.
GetTableRequest() Represents the argument of a NoSQLHandle.get_table() operation which returns static information associated with a table, as returned in TableResult.
IllegalArgumentException([message, cause]) Exception class that is used when an invalid argument was passed, this could mean that the type is not the expected or the value is not valid for the specific case.
IllegalStateException([message, cause]) Exception that is thrown when a method has been invoked at an illegal or inappropriate time.
IndexExistsException(message) The operation attempted to create an index for a table but the named index already exists.
IndexInfo(index_name, field_names[, field_types]) IndexInfo represents the information about a single index including its name, field names and field types.
IndexNotFoundException(message) The operation attempted to access a index that does not exist or is not in a visible state.
InvalidAuthorizationException(message) The exception is thrown if the application presents an invalid authorization string in a request.
ListTablesRequest() Represents the argument of a NoSQLHandle.list_tables() operation which lists all available tables associated with the identity associated with the handle used for the operation.
ListTablesResult() Represents the result of a NoSQLHandle.list_tables() operation.
MultiDeleteRequest() Represents the input to a NoSQLHandle.multi_delete() operation which can be used to delete a range of values that match the primary key and range provided.
MultiDeleteResult() Represents the result of a NoSQLHandle.multi_delete() operation.
NoSQLException(message[, cause]) A base class for most exceptions thrown by the NoSQL driver.
NoSQLHandle(config) NoSQLHandle is a handle that can be used to access Oracle NoSQL tables.
NoSQLHandleConfig([endpoint, provider]) An instance of this class is required by NoSQLHandle.
OperationNotSupportedException(message) The operation attempted is not supported.
OperationResult() A single Result associated with the execution of an individual operation in a NoSQLHandle.write_multiple() request.
OperationThrottlingException(message) Cloud service only.
PreparedStatement(sql_text, query_plan, …) A class encapsulating a prepared query statement.
PrepareRequest() A request that encapsulates a query prepare call.
PrepareResult() The result of a prepare operation.
PutOption Set the put option for put requests.
PutRequest() Represents the input to a NoSQLHandle.put() operation.
PutResult() Represents the result of a NoSQLHandle.put() operation.
QueryRequest() A request that represents a query.
QueryResult(request[, computed]) QueryResult comprises a list of dict instances representing the query results.
QueryIterableResult(request, handle) QueryIterableResult comprises an iterable list of dict instances representing all the query results.
ReadThrottlingException(message) Cloud service only.
Region(region_id) Cloud service only.
Regions Cloud service only.
Request() A request is a class used as a base for all requests types.
RequestSizeLimitException(message) Cloud service only.
RequestTimeoutException(message[, …]) Thrown when a request cannot be processed because the configured timeout interval is exceeded.
ResourceExistsException(message) The operation attempted to create a resource but it already exists.
ResourcePrincipalClaimKeys Claim keys in the resource principal session token(RPST).
ResourceNotFoundException(message) The operation attempted to access a resource that does not exist or is not in a visible state.
Result() Result is a base class for result classes for all supported operations.
RetryHandler RetryHandler is called by the request handling system when a RetryableException is thrown.
RetryableException(message) A base class for all exceptions that may be retried with a reasonable expectation that they may succeed on retry.
SecurityInfoNotReadyException(message) Cloud service only.
State Represents the table state.
StatsControl(config, logger, …) StatsControl allows user to control the collection of driver statistics at
StatsProfile The following semantics are attached to the StatsProfile values:
SystemException(message) An exception that is thrown when there is an internal system problem.
SystemRequest() On-premise only.
SystemResult() On-premise only.
SystemState On-premise only.
SystemStatusRequest() On-premise only.
TableExistsException(message) The operation attempted to create a table but the named table already exists.
TableLimits(read_units, write_units, storage_gb) Cloud service only.
TableNotFoundException(message) The operation attempted to access a table that does not exist or is not in a visible state.
TableRequest() TableRequest is used to create, modify, and drop tables.
TableResult() TableResult is returned from NoSQLHandle.get_table() and NoSQLHandle.table_request() operations.
TableUsageRequest() Cloud service only.
TableUsageResult() Cloud service only.
ThrottlingException(message) Cloud service only.
TimeToLive(value, timeunit) TimeToLive is a utility class that represents a period of time, similar to java.time.Duration in Java, but specialized to the needs of this driver.
TimeUnit The time unit to use.
UserInfo(user_id, user_name) On-premise only.
Version(version) Version is an opaque class that represents the version of a row in the database.
WriteMultipleRequest() Represents the input to a NoSQLHandle.write_multiple() operation.
WriteMultipleResult() Represents the result of a NoSQLHandle.write_multiple() operation.
WriteThrottlingException(message) Cloud service only.

borneo.iam Package


SignatureProvider([provider, config_file, …]) Cloud service only.

borneo.kv Package


AuthenticationException(message[, cause]) On-premise only.
StoreAccessTokenProvider([user_name, password]) On-premise only.